Online Fashion Store – Adora


Starting to be an entrepreneur…

I want to set up a small online business that I can manage during my spare times after work and on weekends. My idea is very simple – Do what you love, love what you do! Personally, I love clothes and fashions. I love shopping, dressing up, making over & taking pictures ever since I remember! These are my hardcore activities that I never get bored of. So I thought to myself why don’t I set up a fashion shop?

I am planning to set up an online clothing shop to sell for teenagers in Myanmar. The fashion of Myanmar youngsters is very similar to that of Thais except for the fact that the trends arrive a little later than that in Thailand. My objective is to close this gap by selling the latest clothing as soon as they are available in Thailand.

In Myanmar, there’s no open-air bazaar or night market like Chatuchak or Victory Monument in Thailand. People are used to buying clothes in shopping malls and plazas. As a result of this, the prices are mucg higher due to the shop rental fees, electricity and tax. By setting up an online shop, the cost is expected to be much cheaper and the fashion trends can arrive to Myanmar even much sooner.

Step 1 – Facebook Fan page

First of all, I need a Facebook fan page to promote my online shop. I want to target at teens between 18 to 25, living in Myanmar. There is a very high usage of Facebook in Myanmar and the majority of users are teenagers, which fits well to my target group. In the fan page, I will expose the fans to what are the latest trends in Bangkok and what they think of the newbies.

Step 2 – Sourcing out for supplier

I am still working on finding a supplier for my store. I want to contact the factory outlets in Thailand that can provide with a wholesale price.
Another option to make a pre-order shop, which means I would not have to stock the material and can reduce the investment cost.

Step 3 – Preparing catalogue and in-stock clothing

I will prepare a list of clothing I want to sell with specifications such as size, color and design. Mostly, I want to sell casual clothing with reasonable pricing. It may include t-shirt, tops, blouse, skirts, shorts and jeans. The quality should be double checked before buying each item.

This is just my draft plan of setting up a virtual fashion store. Next time, I will write a more detailed idea and procedure.


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