My personal fashion insights

This is just my personal insights of what is beautiful, smart or hot in today’s fashion trend. I also wrote on my personal views on what I like and what I dislike to wear.

I am not a fashionista in any way but I love to keep my trend up-to-date with my peers. My favorite brands at the moment are Forever21, H&M, Zara, Jaspal, etc. These brands are middle-class brands accessible in many shopping malls and are targeted for teenagers. Actually, I don’t stick to one brand. I choose my clothing depending on good fashion sense and quality.

I am 5’4” tall and weigh 110 lb. So, I usually go for medium size clothing. I like t-shirts, jeans, dresses and shorts. I like clothes that showcase the body curves, which I think is the hottest part of a girl’s body. Some tight plain t-shirts can even go well with jeans. For dresses, I like both long and short depending on the occasion I need to attend. Oh, I am also a crazy fan of back-showing dresses.
For casual style, I am into top crops mostly. The top crops can help you look younger and slimmer. Sometimes, the zig zag patterns can be very attractive but even the plain top crops or flower pattern can look simply beautiful too. The high waist shorts are also one of my favorites. It displays the shape of your legs and butts, not to mention that it also makes you look taller. Top crops and high waist shorts can go very well together.

In term of colors, now pale colors are into trend again. I personally like turquoise, white, coral pink or dark blue. I think these colors add on to my complexion more.
One of the in-trend fashions in Thailand now is the two-layered skirts or pants with the short skirt on the inside covered by a transparent long skirt on the outside. I think these are particularly attractive for fit girls since it exposes just a portion of your legs and make it look sexier. These skirts go well with top crops that come in different style and material. However, this outfit fit better with 4” high heels rather than a flip flop.


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