Pay less but get more

How can we save our leisure budget but get the best out of it?

Are you planning to go on a relaxing trip but have a limited budget? Do you want to celebrate your anniversary dinner with your loved ones but don’t want to overspend your salary in the economic downturn? Are you looking for a luxury hotel to spend your upcoming holiday? Then, this is the right blog for you. Here, I am going to provide you good tips on how to find a good deal for yourself.

1. FindING good deal sites on the web

There are many sites that have made great discount deals with many restaurants and hotels in your local area and all you need to do is to find them on the web. These discount deals are usable under conditions written on the voucher and on specific dates. So make sure that the available dates match your schedule. The best deals are sometimes made with five star hotels and restaurant which lets you have a decent meal or a romantic trip that is within your budget but above your expectations.

However, one disadvantage of these deals may be that many of them cannot be used on the holiday seasons or peak days such as Friday or Saturday. But if you schedule is flexible enough, you shouldn’t miss out on it and it’s always worth the time to look at the sites before you pay the original price!
Here are some discount sites for Bangkok which I have gathered:

  • Ensogo
  • My Groupon
  • Thai City Deals
  • YesIJoin

And here are the sample vouchers:

The deals are easy to buy online with an online debit or credit card and the coupons are delivered to your email. But you do need to register membership on these discount website before buying them, which is also free of charge.

2. Booking in advance

The airlines always make promotions once a year as one of their marketing strategies and competition against other airline. So you need to check out those promotion deals by subscribing newsletter to your favorite airline. By doing so, they would send you an email where there is a deal and these deals usually need to be booked months or even years in advance. But the reward of doing this is a great save-up on your budget for better accommodation, souvenirs, and so on. So this can be great tip for your plan.

3,4 and 5 to be continued

This is just a part of the useful tips for saving your budget on leisure activities by finding great deals and discount coupons on the web. In my next blog, I will continue about the tips on how to save your budget but still get what you want.

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