First Session for my SEO writing

SEO writing start-up kit

Hello, my name is Yadanar. I am not a professional writer for now but one of my goal is to become a Qualified SEO Journalist one day. I got introduced to SEO a few years ago by a friend of mine. At first, I found it to be a boring topic until I witness its value through his experience. I don’t know much about the technical tools of SEO so I am focusing on the content alone. I am starting to learn how to write online and how to expose my writings on the search engine. The important thing is to write effectively and efficiently so that it benefits both the search engine and the readers of the blog.
I have created my personal blog named Ticktactoe and I am trying to update the contents on a daily basis to keep the blog active. Ticktactoe is formed in the wordpress platform which I think is much more convenient compared to blogspot and flexible in terms of theme selection. In order to improve the quality of my blog, I am taking the following measurements as a beginner in web writing.

Step 1 – Analyzing SEO writing

I will conduct a research on how search engine works with text in HTML or webpages. This will help me to understand how the web pages are ranked and how they are matched with a specific keyword or topic. By doing so, I will also understand how to gain exposure from traffic when search queries are being made.

Step Two – Improve my technical writing skills

I am in no way a professional writer. I need to improve my writing skills to a level that I can become a good blogger. In general, I need to work on some story telling skills and wider range of vocabulary and sentence structure. However, the key to writing online may be different on that to writing on hardcopy. So here is what I need to review on:

1. Content

For content improving strategies, I will refer to a book by Michael Miller called the “Web Words That Work”. As the name suggests, the books helps you on captivating the web readers within a few seconds or minutes. It is mainly focused on web copywriting so it might not work perfectly with other kinds of writing. I think it’s a great book because I find many shortcuts in there and it’s very simple that everyone even with no writing experience can follow.

2. Writing Style

Since the style and structure of the writing is as important as the content itself, we need to emphasize on how to present our information, insights, knowledge, experience, etc. I would learn this factor from the book “How to Write” by Sandra E. Lamb, who is an award winning journalist and a writing teacher. This book can be implied for any kind of writings from cover letters to press releases. This book is more general than the first one but can be useful for different people including bloggers like me, students, authors and even managers.

SEO writing is fun and rewarding. We have a small team that focuses on natural but rich content without any spamming involved. It is interesting to develop our own SEO community with people who loves to write such as journalists and bloggers. We can gather our knowledge and experience to create high quality contents. We are also happy to share this useful technique to you all.


I have just started about 2-3 months as a hobby in my free time. Therefore, it have little progress for now since I am full-time employed. But I am working on creating a fixed schedule to work every night to develop my site into a high performance SEO page.


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