First Session for my SEO writing

SEO writing start-up kit

Hello, my name is Yadanar. I am not a professional writer for now but one of my goal is to become a Qualified SEO Journalist one day. I got introduced to SEO a few years ago by a friend of mine. At first, I found it to be a boring topic until I witness its value through his experience. I don’t know much about the technical tools of SEO so I am focusing on the content alone. I am starting to learn how to write online and how to expose my writings on the search engine. The important thing is to write effectively and efficiently so that it benefits both the search engine and the readers of the blog. Continue reading


Today’s Progress on English Project – Syntax First

Today we’ve formed a detailed idea about English learning community and how we will let people engage in our project.

Idea – We will let people submit their work by Blog or their own website from the internet for the Syntax First project. Right now we spend about 2 hours for looking for Web Directories and Blog Catalogs. Most of them ask for money to promote our links. I think it is quite difficult to promote our project right now because we don’t have complete content yet.

We are analyzing the problem of non-native English learners and how to solve their problem as I have mentioned in the previous article Learn English for non-native Speakers

Syntax First – Learn English for non-native Speakers (Project)

Last two weeks, I came up with an idea to create a new project called “Syntax First”. Sytax, meaning the arrangements of word in a sentence,is one of the core substances of English grammar and likewise, the heart of my project. The goal of the project is to learn and improve our English proficiency together through activities and discussion.

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