Best buffet dinning choice in Bangkok

Choosing a place to celebrate my birthday

Today I was looking for a perfect choice of buffet dinner for my birthday, which is going to be held in next three days. I am planning to have a rooftop dinner with my boyfriend in some fancy four-to-five star hotel. Thanks to the technology, I could find so many bloggers reviewing about each and every restaurant that’s on my list and posting pictures of the buffet line and the view from the restaurant. After some googling, I found some restaurants to be reasonably-priced with quality food but without a special view whereas others are over-rated for the location or rooftop view. It’s a difficult decision to make since I want both quality food and skyline view.

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Today’s Progress on English Project – Syntax First

Today we’ve formed a detailed idea about English learning community and how we will let people engage in our project.

Idea – We will let people submit their work by Blog or their own website from the internet for the Syntax First project. Right now we spend about 2 hours for looking for Web Directories and Blog Catalogs. Most of them ask for money to promote our links. I think it is quite difficult to promote our project right now because we don’t have complete content yet.

We are analyzing the problem of non-native English learners and how to solve their problem as I have mentioned in the previous article Learn English for non-native Speakers

Syntax First – Learn English for non-native Speakers (Project)

Last two weeks, I came up with an idea to create a new project called “Syntax First”. Sytax, meaning the arrangements of word in a sentence,is one of the core substances of English grammar and likewise, the heart of my project. The goal of the project is to learn and improve our English proficiency together through activities and discussion.

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8 months of work experience, what have I learnt?

It’s been a little over 8 months that I’ve been working. Despite the design/drawing I’ve always wanted to do, I chose a job that’s in the field of information/media, based on construction projects. Nonetheless, it has taught me many personal skills, insights and experience to which I might not get exposed as an architect. I am thankful for this opportunity because every experience is worth a try.

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How to keep your skin healthy

Every girls dream is to have a healthy and brighter skin. Skin is the top most layer of your body. This means that skin conveys your recent health condition even better than your medical check-up record, which you would keep it confidential (right?). Nonetheless, skin is also the most difficult part to take care since it is constantly exposed to air, dust, water, etc. Of course, you could go to skin doctors for these issue but they would charge you with a great sum of money just for 15 minutes of consultations.

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I am truly inspired and happy to see people who chose to do what they love and got success. Either do I call them brave or lucky, but I can’t denied the fact that I am simply inspired by them.

Inspiration doesn’t come on a flick of a magic wand….it comes with belief, motivation to succeed and commitment. All these are bound within yourself. There is no materialism involved. But we do need to be firm on our goals.

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