Technology invasion

How our communication systems have changed over the years

Communication is an inevitable portion of our life that influences our lifestyle. As our communication systems have shifted and perhaps improved from letters to emails, phone to voice mails and meetings to video calls, our lifestyle have changed consequently. These changes in communication have both benefits and drawbacks for us human beings. However, we can all affirm that the paybacks technology brought to us definitely outweigh.

Smart devices – phones & tablets

The most recent example that can be seen is the invention of smart phones and tablets. This has a tremendous impact on our society. It is undeniable that these smart devices allow us to keep ourselves in pace with the world’s events and also to get connected with our families and friends much easier and cheaper. Everything seemed to be a click away – from buying goods to meeting your potential employer. These are of course a big positive step towards our improved communication system. Internet services such as Wifi, 3G and 4G allow us to keep ourselves online even while commuting from home to work. Moreover, data roaming also allows us to use our phone networks even while we are abroad. The ease of communications has filled in the relationship gaps between your families, friends and partners.

However, some may claim that these smart devices are so expensive for the lower middle class to reach. This is true but many mobile network providers have offered solution for these people to pay by monthly plan or installment. This service has enhanced people from all classes to enjoy the advancement of communication and technology and also for mobile networks to make greater sales for their packages.


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