Best buffet dinning choice in Bangkok

Choosing a place to celebrate my birthday

Today I was looking for a perfect choice of buffet dinner for my birthday, which is going to be held in next three days. I am planning to have a rooftop dinner with my boyfriend in some fancy four-to-five star hotel. Thanks to the technology, I could find so many bloggers reviewing about each and every restaurant that’s on my list and posting pictures of the buffet line and the view from the restaurant. After some googling, I found some restaurants to be reasonably-priced with quality food but without a special view whereas others are over-rated for the location or rooftop view. It’s a difficult decision to make since I want both quality food and skyline view.

Tips on getting a good meal without spending too much

Another useful advice would be to search the best deals in town instead of just walking-in to the restaurant. This can help since the discount can go up to 70%. Many people in Bangkok use website such as Ensogo, Eatigo, My Groupon etc.
And luckily, this time also, I have found a buffet dinner with a deal of 1,099 worth for 1,650. I am not sure of the quality of the food there since this would be my first time. But I can assure you that I will write a review on it after my birthday.
So for now,I am going to show you my list of choices so that you can have an idea when you are searching for a dinner date in Bangkok. All these following hotels offer international buffet dinner with seafood.

Here’s my list

  • 1. Centara Grande – 2,000* THB/pax
  • 2. Marriotte Bangkok – 1,546* THB/pax
  • 3. Mandarin Oriental – 2,000* THB/pax
  • 4. Sofitel So – 1,500* THB/pax
  • 5. Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit – 2,000* THB/pax
  • 6. Imperial Queens Park – 1,600* THB/pax
  • 7. Dusit Thani – 1,800* THB/pax

*Approximate prices as of 22.07.2014.

Other than buffet dinner, I have also gathered some upscale bar in Bangkok, which I will write about in my next blog. For example, Sirroco and Vertigo are said to be the upscale top-roof bars with average food quality (in terms of taste) but with a wonderful view of the bangkok skyscraper and river. Please wait for my next blog to see the details. And let me know if this blog is of any help to you. Thanks!


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