Syntax First – Learn English for non-native Speakers (Project)

Last two weeks, I came up with an idea to create a new project called “Syntax First”. Sytax, meaning the arrangements of word in a sentence,is one of the core substances of English grammar and likewise, the heart of my project. The goal of the project is to learn and improve our English proficiency together through activities and discussion.

How did I come up with the project?


Me and my boyfriend have been facing communication problems due to the barrier of language. Neither of us are native speakers and we speak different languages and our levels of English are different. It really affected our relationship to a point where conflicts, arguments and misunderstanding constantly occur. So we decided that we will make a website as he improves his English whereas I learn to practice as an English writer.

Perfect Weekend Vacation – Prepare the Travel Blog


Further to that, last week, I visited a beautiful nature place called Thanatthichaburi Lake Resort & Spa in Petchburi province (Thailand). One of the main reasons why I love that place is because of its beautiful mountain ranges that can be seen beyond your room balcony. The mountains are so magnificent that it touches the clouds at the horizon. The weather was less hot and more humid than Bangkok. The rooms were clean and the overall experience was worthwhile. But the resort was like a hidden gem in the jungle. Not many people seemed to have notice it, which is also a good thing, since it creates more tranquility and privacy for romantic honeymoons and family outings. So I want to share the experience with everyone and perhaps you can plan a trip in the future. I am also planning to write an English travel blog on places I have been and those I will never forget. Don’t forget to check it out.

Developing the process for English Project


We are still in the processing of developing the detailed plan for our project. We will design step by step carefully. At the moment, we are doing research on the problem faced by many non-native English learners and creating potential solutions. The question is how we can deliver our solution to each and every English learner. Our plan is to form an English learning community, which will provide an interactive educational system that is free of charge. The visitor and reader to our website can join the community and share their experiences with their peers. We will soon launch this project after we have gathered enough information to present to our readers. So stay tune!



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