How to keep your skin healthy

Every girls dream is to have a healthy and brighter skin. Skin is the top most layer of your body. This means that skin conveys your recent health condition even better than your medical check-up record, which you would keep it confidential (right?). Nonetheless, skin is also the most difficult part to take care since it is constantly exposed to air, dust, water, etc. Of course, you could go to skin doctors for these issue but they would charge you with a great sum of money just for 15 minutes of consultations.

However, if you have a severe skin conditions, I would suggest you to visit the skin doctor. For what I am writing here is for the typical types of skin problem that could be solved by yourself.

In this blog, I will give some essential tips to those who are disturbed by their acne, pore and dry/oily skin types.

First of all, what we need to take note is to use an effective sun block that suits our skin type. UV rays exposure is the most common cause of acne on our face. Therefore, in order to prevent our face from acne, we need a suitable sun block cream. Most people may think that moisturizing cream might be enough for them but this is really not the case. You can start using SPF 30 and then follow by SPF 50. I would not suggest any brand names but you should beware that your cream not only blocks the rays but adapts to your skin type. Many people mistakenly believe that sun block should be used only in times of exposure to the sun. This is not true because even fluorescent lights in our workplace and tv/laptop screen does emit rays onto our face.

Next is the daily cleanser that we use. There are many facial foams/cleanser in the market that are stated to help with wrinkles, pore or acne but the best cleanser to use daily is a simple “sensitive-skin” soap that has no chemicals. These soaps are much cheaper than your facial foams but are even better for your skin. This is because there is no other artificial chemical inside it to support to the cause of our acne or pore. Some thinks scrubs and toner can help our pores. It does make you think scrubs help to remove the white pore or black heads blocks temporarily and toner minimizes you pore for a certain period. But these toners have acid inside to cause our pores to shrink temporarily and afterwards, widen it. The roots of the pore still remain untouched. So we need not to use scrubs but normal soap would do us much favor and save our budget. However, one important thing is to wash our face three times a day – maybe twice with soap and once with your choice of facial foam.


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