I am truly inspired and happy to see people who chose to do what they love and got success. Either do I call them brave or lucky, but I can’t denied the fact that I am simply inspired by them.

Inspiration doesn’t come on a flick of a magic wand….it comes with belief, motivation to succeed and commitment. All these are bound within yourself. There is no materialism involved. But we do need to be firm on our goals.

Many successful people have inspirations. They have a reason to succeed because they were bound to reach their goals and aims. None of them crossed a smooth path. They had to go through obstacles, objections and unfairness. But none decided to give up, and that’s called determination.

In order to find an inspiration, you need not to look to far. It can be people, it can be objects and it can be just abstracts, as long as it directs you to the pathway where you goals await.

I need to build up my confidence. I need stand up for myself. I need to stop asking myself “Are you ready?” and I need tell myself “Get set. Go.”


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