Finding happiness that lasts

A thought came in to my mind one day on the way back from work, as I queued up for the next subway train, that was supposed to arrive in next 3 minutes. At that moment of my life, I did not actually have any bad working days nor bad relationships with family or boyfriend. My life was really peaceful – or to put it in another way, livable.

I did not know how to address the question in my head nor did I bother to ask myself. I was focusing on the many answers  that passed through my right brain, filtered by my left brain, bounced into my left and disagree by my right. So much of overwhelming a thought it was, I did know that I actually got into the train already, being squashed by many people.

I was truly disappointed about the fact that, at the age of 23, I still do not know what the most important thing in life is. How long do I need to wait to finally find out? I had four top listed answer to which I did not know how to put into prioritized order. Everytime I put them on top of one another, either my right brain or left brain would interfere and I couldn’t come into a confident decision.

Here’s the list, in no particular order :

1. Career

2. Family

3. Money

4. Love


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